My dogs mean so much to me, and I am thankful every day to have them in my life. They have inspired me to start iL CANE, and now they have inspired me to make a difference.
The GOAL - to start a movement that brings awareness to dog rescues, charities, and foundations around the world.
  There are so many great charities, foundations, and rescue's that work tirelessly - and their only help comes from volunteers and donations. Our dogs are super lucky to be living the good life with us, but that doesn't mean we can't help out our local dog community. 
The "Giving Back" Game Plan - Operation #GIVEAPAW:
Post a picture or video of your dog's paw in your hand OR giving a dog high five OR shaking a paw - post on Instagram and Facebook. In a sentence tell us what your dog does for you, and how you plan to help other dogs in your community via donating to the highlighted charity of your choice.
Be sure to Hashtag #giveapaw
Nominate friends and family to make a #giveapaw post and to donate to the dog charity of their choice.
My dream is to see the power of people's compassion come to life, and for this message to spread across countries, genders, and race. Let's unify the dog lovers of the world. I am hopeful that with your help, we can spread the caring message.
As a dog lover, I hope you are as inspired as we are to #GIVEAPAW
With much Love,
Sylvia, Georgia & Harlow.