iL CANE - Collar Steez Plaid Bow Ties

iL CANE - Collar Steez Plaid Bow Ties

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Christmas is a time for parties, and to show off our dog's personality - since they can't speak.

Each bow tie is hand made in Canada, and has easy care instructions.

iL CANE Bow Ties attach to collars of various widths, with stretchable elastic loops at the back. Double loops help secure the bow tie ends to the collar for sturdy wear. Bow Ties will stay on through dog park visits, coffee walks, and a good game of fetch.  

Wear Instructions: Two elastic loops on the back, slip over any collar that is not a closed loop and some harness'.

Care Instructions: Hand Wash - Cold Water, and lay flat to dry.


Small: 3.5" Wide x 2" High = Small Dog or Cat

Medium: 4" Wide x 2.5" High = Medium Dog or Bulldog

Large: 5" Wide x 3" High = Large Dog

As each bow tie is hand made, the one you receive will be a unique variation, but no less steezy than the one photographed.

Style + Ease = Steez - #collarsteez